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Velo Medical

Probe Transport Module

Probe Transport Module

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Mounts onto EPIQ 7, EPIQ 5, EPIQ CVX, and EPIQ Elite Systems

Cradle Holds: X7-2T, X8-2T, S7-3T, C10-3V, 3D9-3V Transducers

Dimensions: 13.78” (35cm) L x 3.13” (8cm) D x 23” (58.4cm) W

Approximate Weight: 6.6 lbs (2994g)

Tray and Mounting Bracket Manufactured with Medical Grade Plastics

3-Cable Hooks. 1-D2CWC/D5CWC Probe Hanger, 4-Thumbscrews, 2-Thumbnuts, and 2-Clamp Bars Included (7-Hook Mounting Locations Under Tray)

Mounting Bracket Includes Raised Handgrips

Module Lid with Snap-Tight Fit 

Installation Manual Included – No Tools Required for Installation

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Why Choose Velo Medical?

Velo Medical was born because we saw a problem and created a solution. When it came to protecting and transporting probes, we never saw a product on the market that created a safe and reliable way to transport probes from point A to point B. We created our Probe Modules with a focus on quality and attention to detail our top priority. We wanted to ensure that our product met all the needs for the market.