Designed to Protect your Probes and your Patients

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Snap-Tight Lid

Protect your probe from potential contagions with the snap-tight lid that fits perfectly to the probe module.

Additional Hooks

Keep your probe, power and network cables off the ground to prevent damage to the wires.

Removable Tray

Detach the Probe Transport Module from the Ultrasound to easily clean and sterilize the module.

Adapts to Philips Ultrasounds

The Probe Transport Module easily adapts to Philips EPIQ 7C, CVX, and CVXi systems.

Easy Grip Handles

Recessed hand-hold for movement of the system from the rear.

  • Infection Control

    Our Probe Transport Module completely encases the probe to protect it against deadly contagions.

  • Patient Safety

    On-cart storage helps to prevent against possible cross-contamination that could affect patient safety.

  • Probe Protection

    The snap-on lid protects the probe from being bumped or dropped which can cause possible damage.

  • Ergonomic Design

    The Module integrates seamlessly onto your ultrasound system, and can be easily removed in a single motion.

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In 2017, the Joint Commission released data showing that 72% of hospitals seeking accreditation failed to meet Infection Control Standard IC.02.02.01