Why are there 7-hangar options?
We wanted to provide the flexibility so that the hooks could be placed almost anywhere under the tray, depending on need.

How do I clean the tray?
We used medical grade plastics for the tray and mounting bracket, that can be cleaned with Sani-Wipes, as well as hydrogen peroxide and bleach based agents. The tray can also be cleaned with detergent and water, with temperatures not to exceed 105C.

Can the entire probe head and connector be placed in the tray?
Although the tray was designed so it could accommodate the entire probe and connector, we recommend to keep the connector plugged into the system, with the probe remaining in the tray, to prevent the possibility of the connector damaging the head of the probe.

Is there a warranty with the product?
The Probe Transport Module is not covered by a warranty, however, if there are any issues with any aspect of the module, we will do our best to remedy your issue.

Can I remove the tray and still leave the mounting bracket in place?
Yes, we designed the system so the tray could easily be removed from the mounting bracket. This allows you to remove the tray when you are not using it to carry a probe, or if you need to clean or sterilize the tray.

Can I transport a probe without the tray lid in place?
We offered the lid to help meet JCAHO requirements for taking TEE or E/C probes portable, as well as to protect the contents of the tray.